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Everyday Household Objects You are Forgetting to Clean

You probably already know the importance of regularly cleaning your home to keep it free from germs and bacteria. But did you know that there are certain everyday household objects that you might be forgetting to clean? Here are five common household items that you might be neglecting, along with some tips for how to clean them properly.

  1. Remote controls: We often use our remote controls without thinking about the germs that can accumulate on their buttons. To clean your remote, simply mix a solution of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol, and use a soft cloth to gently wipe down the buttons and surface of the remote.

  2. Light switches and doorknobs: These are two household items that we touch multiple times a day, but they are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. To clean light switches and doorknobs, use a disinfectant wipe or a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and dish soap.

  3. Makeup brushes: Makeup brushes can harbor bacteria and other germs, which can lead to breakouts and other skin problems. To clean your makeup brushes, mix a gentle shampoo with warm water, and use your fingers to gently massage the bristles. Rinse thoroughly and allow the brushes to air dry.

  4. Keyboard and mouse: Our computer keyboard and mouse can also accumulate a lot of germs, especially if we eat or drink while using them. To clean your keyboard and mouse, use a can of compressed air to remove any crumbs or debris, and then use a disinfectant wipe to clean the surface of the keyboard and mouse.

  5. Kitchen sponges: Your kitchen sponge is probably one of the dirtiest items in your home, as it is constantly coming into contact with food and other germs. To clean your kitchen sponge, microwave it on high for one minute, or place it in the dishwasher on the top rack. This will kill any bacteria and germs that may be living on the sponge.

In conclusion, it's important to remember to clean not just the surfaces of your home, but also the everyday objects that we use regularly. By following the tips above, you can help to keep your home free from germs and bacteria, and ensure that you and your family are living in a clean and healthy environment.

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