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Here are the documents needed to apply for a Food Shop License.

  1. ACRA profile of your company (if applying for the license under a company), OR personal details of applicant (name, NRIC, date of birth, contact details, etc.). Your ACRA profile must be dated within 3 months from your application date.

  2. Basic Food Hygiene Certificate / Refresher Food Hygiene Certificate of all food handlers.

  3. Personal details of all food handlers (name, NRIC, date of birth, contact details, etc.)

  4. Tenancy agreement/contract with your landlord.

  5. Use of premises approval from relevant land use agencies – URA, HDB, etc.

  6. Layout plan of your food shop premises. Make sure your layout plan complies with COPEH (Code of Practice on Environmental Health).

  7. Letter of authorisation (only if the application for the Food Shop License is not done by the intended licensee/director of company applying for the licence – e.g. if your friend is helping you to apply for the license)

  8. Cleaning programme document

  9. Pest control contract After gathering all these information its time to apply for the licenses.

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